Feedstuffs Reference Issue 2016

Published on: Sep 21, 2015

Feedstuffs Reference Issue & Buyers Guide is the annual year-book of marketing, management and buying information for the feed and feeding industries. In addition to valuable marketing, milling, animal health and nutrition sections, the publication contains the most comprehensive buyer's guide available for animal agribusiness.

Feedstuffs Reference Issue & Buyers Guide is published annually each September and is included in the cost of a weekly Feedstuffs subscription. It can be bought separately for $40.

A pdf of the 2016 Ingredient Analysis Table can be downloaded below or obtained by emailing tim.lundeen@penton.com.

A pdf reprint of the "Nutrient Requirements of Poultry" chapter by Dr. Peter Ferket, including omitted tables, can be requested by emailing tim.lundeen@penton.com.

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